About Me

akash mittal serving cows

This is me, Akash Mittal, a die hard animal lover first and then a human being. I am a little software engineer too.

I created this blog because I didn’t want to bring money issues in my service towards animals. I dedicate the whole earnings of this blog for the welfare of stray animals. Period.

Let’s talk a bit about my software skills as well. Are you kidding? I wrote so many articles on this blog about technologies like Javascript, React, React Native, Python, R, Golang, Php, Solidity etc. and you still want to ask about my skills? What more do I need to do for you?

Now listen, here’s something you need to do for me –

  1. Provide me some software projects so that I can quickly raise funds for my mini-jungle of stray animals.
  2. Advertise on this blog.
  3. Sponsor articles.
  4. Share content with your friends & family.
  5. Share ideas with me regarding new and rising technologies.
  6. Connect with me and share a pic of your playful pet.

I like to learn from everybody so teach me something.

If you have good contacts with some investors, philanthropists, NGOs, Animal Welfare Organizations etc. then please endorse me to them. Your one step could turn out to be a blessing for a number of stray puppies, kittens, bulls, piglets, donkeys and all other animals.

I have nothing more to say about me. All other aspects of my life are useless.

Here are my social profiles – Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

You may contact me through this mail – [email protected]

Now open your email client and send a “Hi!”

Come on.. Go on..