Top 10 linter for javascript to help you write clean, error free code

top 10 javascript linter libraries

In this article I am going to list top 10 linter libraries for javascript. Linter makes your code readable and error free. They prettify and inform you about your syntax errors by rightfully pointing at line numbers.

1. ESLint – A pluggable javascript linter

Number one in our list is ESLint. The best part of this library is that most of the common errors are fixed automatically. Not only that, you can easily customize it to work according to your needs.

So, if you are looking for feature rich linter for your javascript IDE, then our recommendation is ESLint.

Documentation of ESLint

2. JSLint – A Javascript code quality tool

Their tagline says it all. It is a wonderful library to maintain the code quality in your application development. This is one of the first linter developed for javascript.

JSLint in action

3. JSHint – Providing hints for improvement

JSHint is a static code analysis tool for javascript. According to them, only 15% of the code passes their checks while all others have some kind of bugs or possibilities of improvement. Engineers from big tech companies uses this tool.

JSHint Documentation

4. StandardJS – JavaScript Standard Style

StandardJS is a plug-n-play kind of library. You don’t need to make any configuration changes or any file to maintain. In fact, you can simply run the “standard” command and it automatically checks all the javascript files within the current working directory.

Plugins for StandardJS are available for all major editors and IDE.

Read the documentation

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5. RSLint – Rust based Javascript linter

Speed is the selling point of this library. Since its written in Rust, there is no doubt that it will outperform most of its rivals. You don’t need Node to run it. In fact they are providing binaries for all major operating systems. It’s so fast that you can use it on the fly. You write the code and it will detect error simultaneously.

You need to know that RSLint is quite new in the market and still in development. So, you can expect bugs.

RSLint Documentation

6. Deepscan – Making Javascript Better

Deepscan is more than just a linter. It’s a code quality solution. But it is free for open source projects only.

This library focuses on the run time errors. This is what makes it different from any other linter in the market.

Deepscan Website

7. JavaScript Lint – A Common Linter

This library is based on the javascript engine for the firefox browser. Hence, it knows the best practices for coding. The documentation is fairly simple and you can easily integrate it with your favorite editor.

Documentation link

8. Coffeelint – A Coffeescript Linter

If you prefer to write your client side code in coffeescript then you will need coffeelint for your code cleaning. There is an online console on their website to test coffeescript codes for any errors and improvements.

Coffeelint Documentation

9. PureScript Linter

If you are a fan of purescript then there is a good news for you. Purescript has an inbuilt linter in its library which is written in Haskell.

Purescript Linter Script

10. TSLint – A TypeScript Linter

TSLint is developed for typescript code checking. This library is deprecated now and they are recommending to use ESLint instead. But if you wish to use it then it’s still available for download.

TSLint Documentation

      Today I learned about top 10 JavaScript Linters ♥♥

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