How to submit a Guest Post?


Greetings. I am Akash Mittal, creator of this blog. As you might know, the whole earnings of this blog goes for stray animal welfare. In fact my whole earning from all sources are for animals only.

I wish to allow all the hobbyist writers, tech developers, and marketing managers to share their content on this blog. You can showcase your work on this high quality tech blog. The audience comprises of developers, tech companies & their employees, startups, entrepreneurs etc.

You are welcome to write for us, but, you can’t submit anything of low quality. We are restrictive when it comes to content. No compromise on quality.

We don’t care about number of words or SEO or length of articles. If you submit a 200 words post with brilliant explanation which will help visitors, then you article will definitely be on this blog.

If you are a marketing company and want to promote your client, then we will charge you for the service. If you are an individual who wants to expand their portfolio and have intentions of helping the people then we will pay you.

Some conditions:

  1. No place for copy-paste content or rotating ones.
  2. Articles should be to the point and without unnecessary links. Although there should be links pointing towards authority websites for references.
  3. Use simplest language possible. No need to show your English language skills.
  4. Keep the paragraphs short. Break content in headings and multiple paragraphs. Don’t let any paragraph go beyond 50 words.
  5. Have intentions of teaching those who are seeking the solutions.
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