Raising funds for Animal Welfare

I am an Indian, a country of 1 billion+ people. You can assume the condition of land over here. In this situation, the ones who suffers most are Animals. Being a die hard animal lover, this hurts me badly. So, I decided to build mini-jungles for these stray animals who gets injured or diseased or need care.

bull in garden

First of all, I am not dependent on any kind of funding or donations or any support. I took this path on my own. That’s why I created this blog so that I can save its earnings and soon purchase a 120,000 sqft land and convert it into a resourceful jungle.

My plan is to plant fruit trees, grow some vegetables, build a lake passing through the whole land and cover the area with grass. There will be a dispensary for treating injured beings. I will build sheds, kennels, fences etc according to the habitat of species.

In my jungle, all the animals will be free to do anything. That’s going to be their home only. No humans will be allowed to interfere or disturb them. The fruits, vegetables, water, land, infrastructure and everything else will be available for their use. I want to give them freedom, love, care, food and the life they deserve.

We will provide home to all sorts of domestic animals like cows, bulls, dogs, cats, rabbits, donkeys, hens, goats, horses, sheep, pigs etc. If there are fruits there will be birds like pigeon, crows, parrots, sparrows, humming birds, etc. Similarly, we will bring some aquatic animals like frogs, ducks, fishes, shells, oyster etc. Other creatures like insects, chameleons, bees, butterflies, bugs will automatically come. We will setup a complete ecosystem where nobody will disturb or harm them.

I want to make a self sustainable eco-system where I won’t need to put on more resources. Nature is most powerful and it can feed all. I just want to give back what humans have stolen from others.

Currently, I spend like $250 per month to feed stray cows, calves, dogs, cats, donkeys etc. I can’t turn my back on them. It’s my duty. I am not doing any favor or great work. I am doing my duty.

Till writing this article, I have saved around $10,000 for it (October 2021). But the requirements are huge. I will need in total $85k to buy the land, do boundaries, plant 500 trees, build sheds and dispensary.

So, I thought to present my story in front of you guys. My goal is to raise this money in 2 years. I will work hard and bust my *** off to make this dream a reality. My animals need this.

If you think you can contribute or have any query related to my work, vision, help, suggestions, conflicts, criticism, you can contact me at [email protected]

Money Saved ~ $28,500

Till March, 2022

Some Concerns & Queries

Why should I believe you?

Frankly, there is no way. And I can understand quite well. There are fraudsters who targets the soft point and emotions of people. The world runs with both day and night, God and demons.

In my defense, I can say that I am not dependent on contributions and donations. I built this blog and all the posts here are written after spending hours in research. I worked really hard to build this. Fraudsters do not put efforts in creating content. They put efforts in making something lucrative to trap. Here you will find nothing lucrative, or attractive.

Since, I am doing it on my own so there is no question of trust.

Can I talk to the guy behind this?

It’s me, Akash Mittal. I am a software engineer & entrepreneur. I am a monk by heart and computer wizard by mind. Nature has given me one special power which I am proud of – “No love for money”. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to earn. I work whole time to earn as much as I can. But not for me. I have no requirements, no wishes, no materialistic dreams, no desires of cars, villa, travelling, food, anything. I am a monk. But I cry for animals. I can give away everything to save a puppy. I can give away my day’s food to a hungry animal without thinking twice.

You can reach out to me at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.

How should I contribute?

You may write articles for this blog. That will generate the revenue and will help in the collection. You may also share the articles with your social media. At this point, I can’t accept donations but if you think you can help my cause with substantial amount then please contact me. We will discuss.

Why don’t you contact NGOs?

Yes, I will. I will contact NGOs and companies with CSR. But first I need to build something on my own so that I can prove my concept.

I am still not convinced with this all

I respect it. Please send me an email on the above provided email id regarding your concerns. When I will launch the project, I will keep you updated with the progress.