Component not re-rendering on array state change – Code Example


Array is referenced through it’s memory location. This location doesn’t change when there is some update over array. A react state takes this location. But since the location doesn’t change so react won’t be able to understand if an array got updated. So, there is no re-rendering on array state change in a component.

Solution with Code Example

Create a copy (not another memory reference) of array and do the necessary update over it. Then use this array on state. Since this is a different array so it’s memory location is different and it will trigger re-render. This will re-render even if you won’t do any update over it.

import React, {useState} from 'react'

export default function ArrayWillReRender(props) {
    const [arr, setArr] = useState([])
    const [totalClicks, setTotalClicks] = useState(0)

    const onButtonClick = () => {
        setTotalClicks(totalClicks + 1)

        const tempArr = [...arr]


            <p>Total Clicks - {totalClicks}</p>
                <button onclick={onButtonClick}>Add Click</button>

Output –

Showing re-rendering on array update

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