error: enoent: no such file or directory, uv_cwd – React Native Error


React native throws error: enoent: no such file or directory, uv_cwd, when you update file names or project name or delete some folder. This is a common error which requires a simple reboot.

uv_cwd means, your current working directory (cwd) is invalid. It means either you have deleted the current working directory or renamed it and still using the old one in terminal.

To solve this error, you need to –

  1. Close all the open terminal windows. Even of other projects.
  2. Restart the Metro bundler.

You may also check if you are using the wrong folder name in terminal. Sometimes, we delete a folder and still inside that folder in terminal. That will create issues. So, leave that folder and enter again. For example –

cd .. && cd folder_name

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This will solve your issue of enoent, no such file or directory uv_cwd.