How to list all docker images in system?

list all docker images in system

To list all docker images in your system, use this command –

docker images
docker images

Here you can see that we have a node image in our system. If you have more images, it will display all of them.

Understanding Response

This command returns few information which we will understand here –

  1. REPOSITORY – This shows the name of the image. In our case it is node.
  2. TAG – It represents extra information which distinguishes various releases of image. So, it could be some name like alpine, headless etc. Or it could be the version like v1.0.3, 1.2 etc. Also, it could be latest which indicates that the image is of latest version.
  3. IMAGE ID – This is a 12 digit unique alphanumeric id assigned by docker technology to the images.
  4. CREATED – This shows the time when the image is created.
  5. SIZE – It shows how much of the disk size it is taking. This includes all the libraries which are downloaded along with other dependencies.