Numpy random.rand to generate multidimensional random array in Python


Python Numpy random.rand can generate a multidimensional random array matrix of size equal to the provided input tuple. So, for example, if you provide (3,2) then it will generate a matrix of 3 rows and 2 columns. Similarly, for 3 tuples like (4,3,2), it will generate a matrix with 4 matrixes of size (3,2).


The output of np.random.rand(4,3) will be –

  [0.57357548, 0.19444858, 0.75578484],
  [0.93784862, 0.24637747, 0.67862654],
  [0.92367486, 0.16787733, 0.92856422],
  [0.23546244, 0.23296524, 0.99945754],

You can see there are 4 rows and 3 columns.

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