Why Use React Native For Your Business in 2022?

react native in 2022

React and React Native are the hearts of this website. Most of our articles revolves round these technologies and there is a good reason for it. These techs were best in the previous years but are they still good? In this article we will look at why you should use React Native for your business in 2022.


Have you ever used a mobile app? Silly question, isn’t it? Everyday we spend hours on various apps of different domains like news, crypto trading, social networks, games, ecommerce, education, entertainment etc. Not only these, we use camera app, gallery, playstore, app store, mails and a number of other factory default apps.

We know how they are built. Right? Using Android or iOS technologies. We code them in Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C etc. But can you create an iOS app in Android Studio using Java and android packages? No. Not possible. These are the native technologies which support their platforms only. And, here comes our React-Native which can do the all.

Benefits of using React Native in 2022

React Native is built on React which itself built on JavaScript. JS is the only language which can do everything. It could be used to run a server using Nodejs. Or, it can create a native desktop app (using Electron) for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix or any other Debian, squirrel kind of flavor. But a lot of other languages can do the same thing then how come JS is different? Well, JS is the single language which a browser can parse. Till today, no other language could be used for client side scripting in web pages.

In other words, if you know JS you can do almost everything in development. Let’s see the benefits of React Native –

Easy, Fast and Cheap Solution

If you ever created an Android app using Java then you must have faced the irritation of long build times. For any small change in label, you need to build the app and wait for it to see the result. Although, Android Studio did a very good job in creating caches to bring this wait to lower end but still there is the wait.

React Native is instantaneous. You make the change in code and it gets reflected on the screen using hot reloading. The development in React Native is definitely faster than Native.

We said React Native is easy and cheap too. It’s easy because it is based on React framework. Also, you don’t need to look into a lot of platform specific details, since the whole idea is to write code once and build for all. The developer is not expected to understand a lot about Android, iOS, Windows, Linux otherwise what’s the benefit? Most of the platform specific things, it does on it’s own.

React Native is cheap because you are getting apps for all platforms by writing code once. So, you are saving the price of Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Web developers by spending on a React Native developer.

Supports Third-Party Plugins

React Native market is filled with custom plugins for your use cases. If you need animation, you can choose React Native Animatable. If you want to create forms, go for react-hook-form. You name it and there will be a library for the rescue. You can get the complete list of libraries here – React Native Directory.

Strong Community

Without a strong community, a product can’t be strong. No matter how big a backing it has. The community makes a product scalable, reliable, feasible and spreadable. Sometimes we get stuck in things and look for solutions. Here the community plays the most important role.

No customer service can resolve the issues what a community can. And almost all the time we select technologies for our production products based on their community strength. Because, Man! we developers do get stuck and we want solutions easily.

The React Native community has all level of developers into it. So, you can get advice from such senior developers who are not easily accessible through LinkedIn.

High Performance and Flexibility

First of all you need to understand how React Native works. It has 2 threads – UI thread and JS thread. The UI thread is responsible for all UI related stuff like drawing buttons on canvas. While JS thread is responsible for all computations, event handling etc. But why I am talking about this? Because performance is all about how well you handle these threads.

By default, React Native handles performance brilliantly but still there are places where it gets confused or couldn’t decide the best way. This happens when we write buggy code or trying to do computations which are too complex for mobile microcontrollers. Also performance lags when we do stuff on JS thread which needs to be done on UI thread, for example, animations.

In terms of flexibility, React Native shines. This is because modularity is the building block of React framework. The whole idea is on components. So, the code is always broken into small reusable pieces which can be picked and put at any suitable place.

React Native in Mobile Development

why use react native in 2022

Let’s face the fact, React Native is not the replacement of native app development. Native apps are better in performance and they are better when we have some untraditional requirements. But in case of general use cases, React Native is a reasonable choice. You will still get a native app and that too for multiple platforms. Here are the few benefits of using it –

Cross Platform Development

As we discusses, React Native apps are cross platform. It means you just need to code once in JavaScript and you can compile to get the apps for Android, iOS, Web and Desktop. This is an edge over native development as it saves time and effort.

Cheap and Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is always a big issue in cross platform products. In order to extend a functionality, the rollout is not possible until it is created in all the platform. If any single platform is creating an issue then others could not be rolled out too because otherwise some of the users will get the functionality while some won’t.

In React Native, the same code will generate all the apps so rollout is fast and doesn’t depend on other teams. It’s easy to maintain because tech stack remains same. There is no need to have different teams and hence it’s cheap.

User Friendly

We design user interfaces in the similar fashion like we do for web pages. So, it’s easy to learn. Also, it is user friendly to design complex interfaces.

React Native App Development

As you can see, react native development has plenty of features and is quite popular nowadays. Thus, if you want to get a functional mobile application that won’t cost a fortune and will be easy to maintain, react native is the best solution. But how to build a react native app and what to pay attention to? 

Indeed, there are several ways that you can use:

If you are far from the IT world, the first and second options won’t suit you. Hence, the best idea is to look for a company that offers professional assistance all along the way. Services as akveo guarantee the quality of work and help your business reach goals at affordable prices.


All in all, RN is one of the best frameworks for mobile app development for any type of business. It’s widely used , and it’s easy to find developers or companies that provide professional assistance. Picking RN, you may be sure that your app will be functional, fast, and easy to maintain.

This article is edited by Akash Mittal