Solidity struct as parameter

Solidity struct as parameter

In Solidity it wasn’t possible to pass struct as parameter but with the introduction of experimental library ABIEncoderV2, it could be done.


pragma solidity ^0.5.3;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;

contract simpleContract {
  struct Person {
    string name;
    uint age
  function setPerson (Person p) public view{
    Person user = P;


Code Explanation

In this code I have used experimental ABIEncoderV2 to pass a struct as a parameter because solidity does not provide any feature to pass a struct as a parameter to a function on a smart contract.

In the code, we defined a struct Person with members – name and age. name is a string type and age is uint. We also defined a function setPerson where we are passing this struct as parameter.


The use of structs in your function parameters can significantly reduce the clutter of so many variable of different data types into different function. You might not feel this problem when you are writing small contract. But for complex structs, it’s a trouble.

It also reduces the complexity of your contracts while enabling them to be much more pleasant to interact with whenever someone uses it.


Solidity is ever evolving technology and you can find newer and newer solutions for different problems including this. So don’t keep a close mind and keep looking for new solutions.

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