It is one of the requirements of the development to convert string into html. Different frameworks have different methods to do this. In Svelte, we use @html tag to let it know that the string has to be parsed as html.

If you display a string with html tags in it, the svelte will not parse it. It will simply show the content as string. But there is a way to get the required results.

Note: You should always filter the html in string to keep it safe. If you do not trust the source, you should not use this functionality. Because there is always a chance of XSS attacks using scripts. But if you are using static html or data from your server, then you may trust it.

Code Example

 let string = `Tony Stark is <strong>Ironman</strong>`;

<p>{@html string}</p>

In this code example we are using a text string which has a <strong> tag. If you print it directly, it will show the tags as they are. But using @html, the tag is parsed.

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