‘_xsrf’ argument missing from post – Python Jupyter Notebook Error


To solve the error ‘_xsrf’ argument missing from post, thrown by Jupyter notebook in Python, you just need to open a new instance in different browser without closing the old instance. Now you can easily work on old instance.

According to the comment on this github thread

For some reason, if I open another notebook in the same kernel, this error goes away and I’m allowed to save…


But if you have already closed the homepage, you can always get its link from the terminal from where you started the Jupyter notebook.

Also, you can go to /tree which is known as Jupyter home page and refresh the browser.

To get the list of all the open Jupyter notebook, use this command –

jupyter notebook list

This will give you the url and login token. Use them to open the instance in new window. Now you can resume working on old one where you were getting ‘_xsrf’ argument missing from post error.