Docker desktop stopped error solution – Code Example


In this article we will provide you solution with code examples for Docker desktop stopped error. This error appears due to number of reasons and we will see all of them here. Also make sure that you fulfill all the requirements of Docker desktop.


1. Check if the virtualization is enabled on your system

You can find this information in your task manager under CPU resources tab.

Task manager performance tab. Checking virtualization information.

In this image you can see that virtualization is enabled. If it is not enabled for you then you will need to enable it from your bios.

2. Install WSL linux kernel package

You may need to install Microsoft WSL2 Linux kernel update package. It’s available here. Then clean the data – Debug -> Clean / Purge Data -> WSL 2 -> Delete.

3. Set wslEngineEnabled=true in settings.json

Open run.exe using (window+r) and enter %AppData% and click OK. This will open Roaming directory. Go to Docker folder and open settings.json file. In this file enable wslEngineEnabled=true.

Enabling wslEngineEnabled in settings.json in Docker

4. Try downgrading Docker desktop

If you issue persists, then you may try downgrading docker version.